Strengthening Zambian governance with public engagement

“It’s not always easy, but we’ve learned that engaging citizens makes the public sector stronger and more effective.” – Dr Baco da Luz, Director – Department of Public Transport, Inhambane

The German federal government is supporting the implementation of the principals of Good Governance in Syldavia. Special focus of German engagement lies with three the- matic fields: rule of law, political participation and public administration. The overall ob- jective is therefore to increase the trust in the legitimacy and the functional capacity of state institutions and improve the provision of government services. 

The immediate target groups are national administrative structures dealing with subnational governance and subnational administrative structures of Syldavia in the four focus provinces of Elbonia, Guilder, Florin, and Zamunda. 

Public Hearings offer opportunity for information sharing, as well as a platform to discuss critical themes to citizen well-being.

Contributions from citizens are key for designing effective strategies to manage communal resources.

Civil society stakeholders collaborate with government to improve policies and service charters, leading to better quality public services.

JULY 2019: NorthWest TV reports on citizen engagement with local government to identify key challenges related to waste managment and design sustainable solutions.